This is my Season.

"I know that there is nothing better for [me] than to rejoice and to do good in [my] lifetime; moreover that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor-- it is the gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This one is for you!

Do you ever read other mom's blogs so that you feel better about your own attempts at parenting?
Well this one is for you then!

I had a proud mama moment today with my children.
I went for a walk with them down to my neighbors house. As we roamed through their yard and took out every toy they owned I happen to catch my 1 year old strolling in the street. As I grab him, my neighbor is asking my oldest not to run with scissors in his hand. As I stop to reinforce that truth I turn around to find my son back in the middle of the street with an acorn in his mouth. By this time my other 2 not-getting-into-trouble-children are 3 houses down playing in the rocks.
We were only out of the house for 30 minutes when all this happened! No wonder I like to stay home a lot!

---As I write this my son just took a swig of 3 day old milk that he found in his bedroom!! I knew it was an old sippy cup by the look on his face!!

Do you feel better about your day now??


Mama2CnC said...

oh my goodness Cath...LOL, I can only picture that 3-day-old milk face, too funny!
so I saw, amen to those of us who choose to stay home, it seems to be the best way to keep our kids safe

bonnie said...

golly - now i don't feel so bad about the 3 day old sippies. glad we don't drink milk anymore ;)

Mom said...

Ok, so you have an "Edward Scissors Hand", a Iron Gut Squirrel, & two future Rock Climbers...what's so strange about that???

Anonymous said...

I am just excited when my day doesn't involve any plumbing "situation!" LD

carrie*postma said...

oh man...and that's a GOOD day! (jk)

:corinne: said...

Oh Wow...I do feel better... Thanks! hee hee Totally kidding! What a day you had.

lovemyraysons said...

i came across your blog and love it! thanks for sharing honestly and making all us mom's laugh hysterically and sigh that "i get ya" sigh! looking forward to more questions of the day!