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Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hosting Guide for the Holidays

A Mother's Guide to Hosting a Christmas Party

Looking at your house a few days before the Christmas Party will not help to aide the holiday spirit. Seeing laundry lying around, dust on the shelves, toys strewn in all corners, dishes piled high, and papers stacked on the desk can be discouraging to the mom who has to host a group of adults.
Take heart! Here is my solution to a quick, care free way of transforming your house into a warm welcoming home for the party.

1. Pile all the laundry into the corner of the room. String with twinkle lights.
2. When you find all the unmatched socks lying around, hang them over the fireplace as your stockings.
3. Take all unwanted papers and light them in the fireplace for a cozy feeling. (Ask your husband before you throw the bills in too.)
4. Gather all the Cheerios around the baby seat and have your kids string them for the "laundry tree."
5. Cover your sink and dishes with fake snow cloth and call it your winter scene. Add a few toys lying on the ground for extra decor.
6. Sprinkle glitter in with the dust to look like freshly fallen snow.
7. Find the strongest cinnamon concentrated candle and light it in the kids bathroom.

When the guests arrive:
1. Have them remove their shoes and toss them where ever they want.
2. Invite them to grab a couch cushion and help make a Christmas fort.
3. For a gift exchange: Do a scavenger hunt for the toys that have been placed around the house and have them "exchange" the location of the toy into the playroom!

Have a great time with your adult friends!


*corinne* said...

Awesome thanks Cath! I'm printing this out and using it! LOL

*corinne* said...
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carrie*postma said...

can you come over to my house and decorate?

Mum said...

Fa La La, La La La've put me in the 'relaxed' Christmas spirit! I can't wait to see your decor!