This is my Season.

"I know that there is nothing better for [me] than to rejoice and to do good in [my] lifetime; moreover that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor-- it is the gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

Monday, November 26, 2007

To Costco Again!

I made another attempt at Costco with all the children today. I prepared myself last night mentally, emotionally, and physically. I made my list, got the kids in the car, and headed out to Costco. I like getting there when it opens so that I beat the crowds. Plus if my kids are a little loud and rambunctious then it only bothers a few people instead of a few hundred people.
Anyway, I unload the kiddos into the cart: 2 buckled in and 2 hanging on for dear life on the side of the cart.
I arrive at the front door and stop to pull out my wallet for my member card. NO WALLET!!
I go back to the car, load up the kids, drive back to my house, which is 25 minutes away, and get my wallet.
While driving back to Costco I try to keep my daughter awake so that nap time is not spoiled when we eventually get home.
Now the parking lot is FULL. Every spot is taken. I get lucky and see a man pull out right in front of me. I wait for him to pull out and lo and behold a man speeds down the aisle to take my very spot! I look at him with my arms up and he nods and pulls right in! Aughh! OK fine. I'll go wait till that lady with the overflowing, over sized cart unloads.
Yea! We are finally shopping! My dear, sweet, lovable, tender, daughter rips my list and drops it somewhere between the meat and fruit sections. So now I have to go from memory. Not a good thing since my memory is packed away with all my babies birth certificates.
I decided to buy the kids a healthy Costco lunch since our wallet delay has put us into lunchtime and nap time. Pizza and a Hot dog to share will satisfy us. Even the baby could chew on the pizza crust for lunch! All was going fine until a lady next to me says, "I knew a little boy that had a small piece of pizza, like what your son has, and he choked."
"Oh that's so sad." I said.
"He died," says the lady.
"Time to go, " I tell the kids.

I finally arrive home to put all the food away. My fridge now has 5 gallons of milk in it.
We didn't need milk.

The obvious QOTD is: WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?


Mama2CnC said...

ROFLOLPIMPL!!!!! oh holy Costco adventures! first of all, bravo for taking ALL 4 kids with you (you do realize you are a bit crazy, right?) list, who needs a list? everyone, big glasses of milk for dinner, and any other time you say "I'm thirsty" ;-)

Ben and Melissa James said...

Hahaha! I only wish I was there with you! One of Emma's favorite foods is pizza crust. After that it's leaves, old reciepts and my flip flops.

Anonymous said...

Did you get Quik- chocolate milk mix too?

Anonymous said...

Did you know about Dear Abbey? It's this column in the newspaper that gives out advice(for free) when you are about to do something that is uhhh ...not so smart...maybe you should write her.

Mom said...

ROFL! My day would have ended when I had to go home to get the wallet!

Mrs. T said...

lol...thanks for the chuckle. Sadly...I can relate.

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carrie*postma said...

hearing this story again...its funnier the second time!!!
you are so funny (my memory is packed away with the birth certificates....ROFL!!!!)

Adrienne said...

ditto your mom: I would have quit after the forgotten wallet... and I only have one. Yes, I'm a wimp!

Julie Gebhards said...

Cathy, I did the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago, got to Costco without my wallet (I'm glad I forgot my wallet and not a kid!)and decided to beg for mercy from the service desk. We shop there so often that Theresa recognized me, and I bought everything without an ID, Credit card, Costco membership, NOTHING. I called my hubby and wrote down our credit card number on scratch made my day! Sorry you didn't know sooner, as I'm sure they would've recognized you too! I loved reading your story though! -Julie