This is my Season.

"I know that there is nothing better for [me] than to rejoice and to do good in [my] lifetime; moreover that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor-- it is the gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm not the only one!

When I think about my QOTD I always wonder if it will be funny because you understand or have experienced it too or if it will cause you to pray for me more because you think I'm crazy. Well some of you have reassured me with your own QOTD that every mom has her own craziness that is funny! Like....

1. If your daughter is trained to go potty when the bell rings will she always have to go when the doorbell rings or the cookies are done in the oven or the recess bell rings at school?

2. You're at the park with your kids. Your son runs up doing the potty dance. He is getting a little more frantic as you check the bathrooms but they are locked. In desperation you allow him to go behind the big tree. As you peek on him to make sure everything is OK you see him squatting... do you find a doggie bag??

3. As you sit at the breakfast table, your baby starts to lick your leg because the texture makes him giggle. Is it time to shave?

Keep them coming!!!! I know I'm not the only one!!!


*corinne* said...

**Hee hee Cath you make me giggle!

carrie*postma said...

oh my goodness.....i may have just peed my pants laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!
(did I just type that outloud?)