This is my Season.

"I know that there is nothing better for [me] than to rejoice and to do good in [my] lifetime; moreover that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor-- it is the gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How Long?

How long does it take you to realize your daughter has taken the home phone, called daddy, and threw the phone behind the bean bag chair, without hanging up?

a. Just long enough for the "seek" button not to work because the phone is technically on.
b. Just long enough for your cell phone to run out of battery too so no one can call you to tell you your home phone is busy.
c. 3 hours and 7 minutes


carrie*postma said...

you need a low-jack on everything electronic in your home!

Ben and Melissa James said...

I could use a lo-jack on Emma. She rolled under the bed today and I couldn't find her after her nap!

Ben and Melissa James said...

You're so funny! Thanks for the help with the "missing" poster. I'll be sure to save it just in case!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so this actually happened to me except I was the one who lost the cordless phone, so I had to run to the neighbor's and have her call me while I ran all over looking for it . I don't think it was supposed to be in the bottom of the laundry basket ! LeighAnn

Ben and Melissa James said...

We'd be honored! (Your boys & Charis.)