This is my Season.

"I know that there is nothing better for [me] than to rejoice and to do good in [my] lifetime; moreover that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor-- it is the gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

Friday, February 1, 2008

Our Week in Review

This last week has been like a play.
A drama that you just have to laugh at.

The Setting:
Me and my husband are on a long weekend trip across the country.
Aidan and Cooper are with Auntie and Uncle who live in the mountains with 3 feet of snow and an hour or more away from the hospital..
Molly and Eli are with Mimi and Papa.

Act 1
Scene 1: Aidan wakes Auntie and Uncle up at 1:00AM because he can't breathe.
Uncle takes him to the local Fire Dept. Auntie washes dishes as she waits for them to come back. They don't. The paramedics put Aidan into an Ambulance for his first trip to the ER. Auntie calls Grandma to go with her as she follows the Ambulance.
Scene 2: Across Counrty--I am wakened by a knock on my door that I have a phone call. That can't be good since I know it's only 4:00AM back home).
Uncle tells me what happened and that Aidan has Croop. He should be fine with the steriod shot and some rest. (I was wondering how Auntie was!!)

Act 2
Scene 1: Mimi and Papa take Molly and Eli back to my house to meet up with Uncle and take care of all the kids. (No need to be far away from the hospital if Cooper was to get it!)
Scene 2: I call home to let them know that we were getting on the plane. My mom (Mimi), sounding a little frazzled, says she is making plans to get Eli into the Dr. because he has Croop too!

Act 3
Scene 1: I'm home now and decise to take 3 of my 4 children to urgent care. Aidan is still horribly sick. Molly sat on my lap all day with a fever and cough. Cooper got a fever right before dinner.
Scene 2: Urgent Care. Nothing Urgent about it! It was full with hacking grandmas, sliced fingers, and sick people. My sick daughter who sat on my lap all day thought we went to a circus. She was walking around, sitting on the ground, dancing, singing, and touching germ infested tables, scales, cords, books, etc. Cooper who had not been sick until he had a fever 2 hours earlier decided to toss his cookies in the triage room. Aidan was still sounding like a kitten with a frog in it's throat!
(Urgent Care results: nothing. "They all have the same germ" says the Dr. "Thanks" I said with a look like you have got to be kiddng! So a dose of mortin for all and we are on our way home!)

It is now Friday and I have spent the week holding 1 or 2 sick babies, at a time, on my lap, dispensed 1 bottle of Tylenol, used up 2 tissue boxes, and am ready to go on vacation again!!

Anyone up for watching my kids?


carrie*postma said...

no wonder we haven't talked all week....sheesh!

Mom said...

Why not...bring 'em on!
Dad & I are getting pretty good at this.
Where are you going this time?
Uh, it's okay to hire a Nanny to help out, isn't it??
(She's for me...not the kids!)

Mama2CnC said...

oh my gosh! are you sure you want to try the vaca thing again? you never know what the title of your next drama you come home to will be...

Anonymous said...

uh...i think we are going to be out that weekend...i mean that year! LD

gale said...

hey - you could bring them up to washington and dave and i will watch them....they can join the zoo with mags & cal.....oh and #3 who is in the oven.

Kristy Jo said...

My kids have a me-me and a Papa too..... (just spelled a bit different) Me me came when my mom wanted to be grammy and it came out me me and it stuck.

Sorry to hear about your little ones.. The croup has reared its ugly head here a few times.. I was in the hospital wiht my oldest for the croup the night before I had my second... keeping her away from her baby brother till she was in the clear was hard work :P